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Home Care 4 Seniors In-home Care
in home 24 hour senior care

24/7 Home Care

Home Care 4 Seniors is available 24/7. Our schedule is flexible, allowing us to provide care for you or your loved one from a few hours a day to 24 hours a day.

Are You A Caretaker Without Knowing It?

If you have an elderly parent, relative, or family friend, you may have taken on some caregiver responsibilities without even knowing it.


When a loved one becomes ill, falls, or needs a helping hand, it’s common for adult children and spouses to step up.


You may find yourself overwhelmed at times trying to juggle your career, children, and personal life, and trying to take on the caretaker role.

caregiver caring for senior
caregiver handing water to senior
caregiver reading to senior

Should You Work With A Home Health Agency?

Seniors and adults who suffer from chronic conditions and illnesses cannot be left alone at any time of the day or night in case they need assistance or in case there is an emergency. 


This can be very difficult for families as few can designate family members to be in the homes of their loved ones 24 hours a day. 


Leaving a loved one with a serious illness or condition alone at night is not only stressful for the family but also dangerous for the affected individual. 


It is beneficial for families in this position to work with a home care agency that can provide 24-Hour home care.

home care caregiver with senior
senior and caregiver reading together
in home care 24 hour care

Is It Time For 24 Hour Home Care?

There are several reasons your loved one may need 24-hour care at home.


Some signs to look for when deciding if you need 24-hour care or should increase to this level of care include your loved one being at high risk of falling, confusion, needing feeding assistance, wandering or getting lost, and new or increased bathroom accidents.


Being afraid of leaving that individual unattended can be another sign to consider 24-hour care or start to increase the hours of care at home.


Our staff will help you evaluate the level of care that will best fit your needs.

caregiver handing coffee to senior
caregiver checking senior blood pressure at home
caregiver handing tea to senior

In-Home Caregiver

We know you have daily responsibilities that make specialized in-home care for your loved one challenging, at best. We make sure you and your loved one have around-the-clock care with companions you can trust.

Approximately 65% of in-home health care originates from a crisis. Nothing is more important than having the help you need when you need it.

Home Care 4 Seniors is ready to assist with our live chat service or by calling us at (214) 621-1969 to talk to one of our trained professionals who can answer your questions and schedule a free in-home assessment with our Admissions Director.

caregiver handing a present to senior
in home senior care  caregiver with senior reading
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