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Home Care 4 Seniors

Meal Planning


Meal Preparation

We can help meal plan or prepare meals for seniors. We can create a nutritional and balanced meal plan for seniors. Our caregivers can prepare meals and make mealtime special.

caretaker handing meal on a tray to female senior sitting in bed

In-Home Meal Preparation

Physical and mental limitations are hard to accept, and the loss of independence is frustrating for the patient and the family. Home Care 4 Seniors can help assist seniors with meal planning and meal preparation without imposing on their independence. Sometimes seniors can have a hard time using the kitchen utensils. Our caregivers are here to help ensure that seniors get the most out of their meals. 

  • Our caregivers at Home Care 4 Seniors understand these emotions and take extra care and effort to make the environment and mealtime a relaxing experience.

  • Caregivers prepare the meals and serve them at appropriate times to make sure nutrition is consistent and fulfilling.

Tube feeding assistance

When someone is incapable of obtaining proper nutrition orally or unable to safely swallow, a feeding tube such as a G-Tube or PEG Tube may be put in place.

Home Care 4 Seniors' care services such as tube feeding are Registered Nurse (RN) directed, meaning our caregivers are properly trained and mentored for this and other advanced care needs. The RN will monitor the G-Tube or PEG Tube at regularly scheduled intervals to ensure proper care of the client and the devices.

Registered nurse

Home Care 4 Seniors RNs instruct caregivers about proper care procedures when there are exceptional circumstances to be considered.

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