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Post Surgery Care

Post-surgery care is crucial for seniors. In-home caregivers can provide post-operative care at home, so you recover faster in the comfort of your own home. 

Post Operative Care

Often after a major or even minor surgery, individuals need additional recovery time that hospitals or rehab facilities cannot provide.


After surgery care at home can be difficult to manage on your own. There is a higher risk of falling, mismanaging medication, and managing your pain level can become difficult.

caregiver checking male senior blood pressure
female caregiver assisting male senior transfer to coach
caregiver with male senior

Home Care After Surgery

Depending on the extent of the surgery, most patients will need help for days following the surgery and potentially ongoing assistance until they have fully recovered and can resume all normal activities of daily living independently.

After surgery, it is important that the patient is comfortable, surgical dressings are clean, medication is taken at the right time, and a patient’s immediate needs have been cared for properly.


Depending on the surgery, the doctor will provide the patient with orders that will need to be followed. These orders may contain information on when and how the patient will get up and move around to maintain the body’s normal functions.

caregiver and senior caring hands
caregiver caring for male senior
caregiver assisting male senior with walker
caregiver reading to senior

Post Surgery Support

One of the benefits of having a home caregiver is ensuring that the patient is comfortable, safe, and as pain-free as possible.


Having post-surgery support is key to reducing recovery time and helping the patient return to normal life quickly.


Post-surgery support is the best way to ensure a quick, safe, and healthy recovery.

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caregiver reading to male bound senior
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