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Home Care 4 Seniors

Post-Surgery Recovery

Post-surgery recovery is crucial for seniors. In-home caregivers can provide post-surgery care at home, so you recover faster in the comfort of your own home. 

Post Operative Care  | Post Surgery Recovery | Home Care 4 Seniors

Post Surgery Recovery At Home

Often after a major or even minor surgery, individuals need additional recovery time that hospitals or rehab facilities cannot provide. After surgery care at home can be difficult to manage on your own. There is a higher risk of falling, mismanaging medication, and managing your pain level can become difficult.

  • Our caregivers help clients recover faster and more comfortably in their own homes

  • We have an in-depth understanding of the pain levels and prescribed medications

  • We help your loved ones get back to their everyday lives

We conduct a comprehensive and customized evaluation. This step is key to understanding the health care matters your family member will be facing during recovery time. Our caregivers are accessible when you need them and are able to help you follow your discharge procedures to get you back to normal. Meal preparation, transportation, errands, and medication reminders are some of the things our caretakers are able to assist you with during post-operative care at home.

We're here to get the patient back to their usual eating, sleeping, household activities, supporting therapy sessions, and overall care.

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