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Take Up These 3 Healthy Hobbies to Support Your Wellness Goals This Year

Lifelong learning is essential for so many reasons. In addition to keeping the mind sharp and reducing one’s risk of developing dementia, research shows that lifelong learning fights loneliness and depression while supporting positive mental health. And since mental health affects physical health, learning something new could lead to improved physical wellness as well.

What’s more, physical hobbies such as aerobic activities, yoga, Tai Chi, kayaking, hiking, and strength training can help with losing weight, muscle strengthening, improving balance and flexibility, and lengthening your life. So whatever your health or wellness goals maybe this year, taking up a new hobby could help you to achieve them!

Here are three of the healthy hobbies we’re loving here at Home Care 4 Seniors.

1. Cooking with Friends

Cooking is an excellent skill to master. It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing meals for one or an entire household: cooking your own meals at home boosts creativity, saves you money, reduces stress, and improves your physical health. And when you take it a step further by cooking with your friends or family, you’ll also enjoy the health benefits of social interaction.

To take up cooking as a hobby, start by learning the basics. Grab a few friends and head to a cooking class in your community, stock up on some new cookbooks, or take an online class or two. Once you’re ready to put your new skills to good use, you might consider hosting a dinner party or assembling your own supper club! To find the best recipes for your gatherings, check out websites like Taste of Home and Allrecipes.

2. At-Home Yoga

If you’d like to try yoga but have been hesitant to take a class at a local studio, gym, or community center, there’s never been a better time to teach yourself at home. You can find a plethora of free or paid yoga classes online thanks to websites and YouTube channels like DoYogaWithMe, Yoga with Adriene, and Yoga with Kassandra, making it easy to learn the fundamentals of yoga and experience proven health benefits such as pain relief, improved balance and flexibility, and reduced stress.

To learn yoga at home as an absolute beginner, DoYogaWithMe is a great starting point. On this website, you’ll find yoga classes and tutorials for beginners: all you need to do is create a free account and stock up on some equipment so you can practice safely and comfortably. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing; using a padded yoga mat; and keeping a block, blanket, and bolster nearby as you practice.

3. Entrepreneurship as a Hobby or New Career

You heard that right: entrepreneurship can be just as much of a hobby as yoga or cooking! In fact, many million-dollar businesses like Two Men And A Truck, Spanx, Yankee Candle, and K’Nex all started out as hobbies before becoming profitable businesses.

Of course, the possibility of starting a lucrative business isn’t the only reason to pursue entrepreneurship as a hobby. Learning entrepreneurial skills could improve your emotional intelligence, make you a more confident leader, and boost your financial literacy. The entrepreneurial skills you acquire could also be used to bring in some extra cash or start a full-time business of your own.

If you’re interested in pursuing entrepreneurship as a hobby or translating your newly learned skills into a career, enrolling in an online degree program could be a great starting point. A variety of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are available to choose from, including those in business, teaching, and computer science.

By earning an online master's in computer science, for instance, you’ll obtain skills in cyber security, data analytics, information technology management, and more. This could be a great option if you’re learning computer science as a hobby or looking to take up programming or cybersecurity as a career. On the other hand, a degree in business management will teach you about business ethics, project management, and business communication. This degree is ideal for entrepreneurs, operations managers, and directors.

Learn a New Hobby for Improved Physical and Mental Wellness

Whether you’re interested in acquiring a new skill so you can change careers — or you’re looking to take up a new hobby that encourages you to lead a healthier lifestyle — there are numerous benefits of lifelong learning. And while learning a new skill doesn’t have to mean going back to school or working toward a degree, doing so can be a great way to gain new hobbies, meet new people, and increase your knowledge of various topics. Education is for everyone, regardless of age!

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