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Assisted Living Alternatives - Flower Mound, Lewisville, Coppell

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Assisted living isn’t for everyone. Many seniors see it as a stepping stone towards a nursing home, and many refuse to put their foot in the door. Forcing someone into an assisted living facility can not only be a daunting task but one that can be detrimental to a relationship. On the other hand, allowing a senior to live at home on their own when it’s not within their best interest also comes with many risks.

Fortunately, there are many quality assisted living alternatives in Flower Mound, Texas that’ll keep your loved one safe, healthy, and happy.

4 Seasons for Seniors has completely changed the idea of senior care. With the main goal being to provide a dignified living for the elderly along with optimal care, your loved one will never feel uncomfortable with the decision to explore assisted living alternatives in Flower Mound, Texas.

Residential Care Alternatives to Assisted Living

If the prior assisted living alternatives in Flower Mound, Texas don’t meet your requirements, there are other options available. More importantly, if an in-home health aid or personal care worker isn't sufficient, your loved one should be seeking residential care.

Temporary or Short-Term Stay for Seniors

Temporary or short-term care, also known as respite care for seniors, is an excellent alternative to assisted living. It’s designed to provide your loved one with the care they need on a temporary basis. Stays can be as short as one night or up to several months at a time.

This type of elderly care is commonly used for seniors who need additional time to heal post a hospital or rehab visit. It’s also used as a temporary stay for seniors who usually have in-home care but don’t for a short time. This is sometimes the result of short staff, time off or family being out of town.

The short-term care provided by 4 Seasons Senior Living assists seniors with daily activities. Some of the tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Bathing assistance

  • Fall prevention

  • Meal preparation

  • Continual supervision

  • Secure environment

Long-Term Stay for Seniors

One of the best-assisted living alternatives in Flower Mound, Texas for seniors who need to be placed in a facility is a long-term stay at 4 Seasons Senior Living. Unlike a nursing home, seniors live in beautiful homes within our little community with four to six other seniors. This allows for staff to provide optimal care to each and every patient. Seniors don’t feel like they’re living in a facility, as the homes are structured for a dignified living.

Some of the services provided include but are not limited to:

  • Bathing assistance

  • Fall prevention

  • Meal preparation

  • Continual supervision

  • Secure environment

  • Personal attention and companionship

  • Games and activities

The homes are renovated to accommodate seniors, such as widened door frames and easy access to bathrooms. Along with a quality, healthy, and happy living space, your loved ones will also receive the assistance they need.

While your loved one will be living in a facility per se, they will have a place to call their own. They can hang photos of the family on the wall, paint their room if they choose, and personalize the space into their very own humble abode.

In-Home Alternatives to Assisted Living

Depending on the needs of your loved ones, they may be able to continue living on their own. In-home care options bring the assistance required to live a quality, happy, and safe life right to the senior.

Health Aids

In-home care is an excellent alternative to assisted living in Flower Mound, Texas. This type of care allows your loved one to continue living on their own, while still receiving the health care they need. Such services can be hired for short-term and long-term periods, and many in-home health aids work with a select few patients for hours, days, or weeks at a time. This allows them to visit their patients and provide quality care without having to rush off to another one.

Home caregivers, also known as home aids, are highly trained and qualified registered nurses or certified nurse assistants that come to the home to provide basic medical needs. Due to their formal training, they’re able to perform medical tasks that other in-home care providers can’t. They’re also equipped to handle disoriented, uncooperative, or irritable seniors.

Some of their responsibilities do extend out of the healthcare field, such as changing spoiled bedsheets, but their main duties are to ensure the health and safety of the senior.

Some of the duties of a health aid include but are not limited to:

  • Physical Therapy

  • Administering Medications

  • Applying an IV

  • Wound Care and Bandaging

  • Transportation Assistance

As such, home aids enable seniors to live comfortably and safely in their own home, while also providing them with the basic medical needs they require. 4 Seasons Senior Living has a sister company called Home Care 4 Seniors, to ensure quality living and care for seniors outside of their residential program.

Personal Care Worker

If your loved one doesn’t require medical care but needs assistance with personal care and household chores, hiring a personal care worker is an excellent assisted living alternative available.

A personal care worker, also known as a homemaker, personal attendant, or senior companion, comes to the home on a set schedule to help with daily, weekly or bi-weekly tasks. You can hire such services on an occasional, hourly, short-term, or long-term basis through a health facility.

While certification isn’t required to be a personal care worker, many are supervised by a social worker or licensed nurse to ensure quality standards and care. As a result, their main duties are to provide personal assistance, as opposed to health care assistance. Some of the duties of a personal care worker include but are not limited to:

  • Dressing

  • Bathing

  • Cleaning

  • Cooking

  • Running Errands

4 Seasons Senior Living’s sister company, Home Care 4 Seniors, offers both kinds of workers. From companion care to aid professionals, there’s an in-care professional eager to assist your loved one. Some of the services offered include:

  • Companion Care

  • Errand & Transportation

  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

  • Home Making Services

  • Personal Care

  • Registered Nurse Services

  • Medication Reminders

  • Diabetes Care

  • Tube Feeding

  • 24 Hour Live-In Care

  • Feeding Assistance

  • Post-Surgical Care

With these assisted living alternatives in Flower Mound, Texas there’s an option for every senior out there. Whether you’re looking for in-home care for seniors or a reputable facility to assist with living, you can find it in Flower Mound, Texas. More importantly, you can find it at 4 Seasons Senior Living or Home Care 4 Seniors.


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