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Questions to Ask When Choosing In-Home Care

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

It can be scary when the time comes to consider care options for a loved one. It can also be overwhelming researching all the senior living options available. There are so many options and types of care it can be overwhelming. You might be thinking, how do I know if my loved one needs in-home care or assisted living? There's no right or wrong answer. It whatever feels right.

If you are considering in-home care, this guide will help you be prepared to ask the right questions and help narrow down the options you are considering. Here are some questions to consider when searching for a residential care home.

Questions About Company Qualifications

  1. Is the company licensed by the state?

  2. Has the state cited the company?

  3. Why did the owner start this company?

  4. What are the company values?

Questions About Staff and Qualifications

  1. What is the staffing screening process?

  2. Is there high staffing turnover?

  3. What certification does the caregiver have? Are they licensed, insured, or accredited?

  4. Will the same caregiver be providing care?

  5. Has there ever been a situation where a client and caregiver didn't get along? If so, how was it handled?

  6. Do the staff participate in continuing education?

  7. Does the facility have a Registered Nurse (RN)?

  8. Are the staff members respectful to the clients? Do they knock before entering the bedroom?

  9. How are caregivers trained and monitored?

  10. How does the company handle a situation if the caregiver doesn't show?

  11. How does the company assign a caregiver to a client? How do you know if it will be a good match?

Questions About Cost

  1. How is cost determined?

  2. Does the company charge more for holidays or weekend care?

  3. How does the company handle billing? How is payment collected? When is payment due?

  4. Does insurance cover the cost?

  5. Are there financial assistance programs?

  6. Does the company charge a fee or deposit?

  7. What forms of payment does the company accept?

  8. Will payment rates fluctuate? Will the cost of care fluctuate?

Questions About Services?

  1. Are special services offered?

  2. What kind of services are offered?

  3. What services are covered in the cost?

  4. How are medications administered?

  5. Will the caregiver manage prescriptions and refills?

  6. Do caregivers set a strict schedule, or is it flexible?

  7. Do clients choose when to get in and out of bed?

  8. How soon can services begin?

Questions About Care

  1. Does the company provide a written care plan?

  2. Does the company conduct an assessment?

  3. Does the company provide a patient's bill of rights?

  4. Is care available around the clock (24/7)?

  5. What are the procedures for emergencies?

  6. What types of care are provided?

  7. How is the level of care determined?

  8. What happens if the level of care increases?

  9. Does cost increase if the level of care increases?

  10. How is medical care determined?

Questions Related to the Family

  1. How is the family informed of any changes?

  2. What updates does the facility inform the family about?

  3. How will the company update the family, email, phone, text, etc.?


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